Evelyn Lozada and Carl Crawford Reunite To Celebrate Their Sons 5th Birthday!

Posted On : March 26, 2019

Evelyn Lozada and Carl Crawford reunited to celebrate their 5 year old son Leos’ birthday by throwing him a  a sports themed party! Lozada posted a picture on her Instagram and captioned it:

” Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate Leo’s 5th BD! Leo had so much fun! #Grateful”.

It was a family and friends fun filled day with lots of video games, laughter and even Carl helping Leo blow out the candles on the cake! The decked out sports themed party was not lacking in the sweets department either, they had towers of assorted goodies. Big sis Shaniece Hairston (25) was there along with Lozadas Basketball Wives cast member Jackie Christie. Almost makes you forget about the couples three year long engagement that did not make it to the alter due to allegations of infidelity on Carls’ part. Every since the couple has split back in 2017 they have been very amicable and always make sure they come together every year to celebrate their sons birthday.

We all know Evelyn Lozada originally from Basketball Wives (2010) on VH1 before she had her own spin off show “Livin’ Lozada”(2015). Evelyn has had her ups and downs with relationships over the years stemming back to her marriage to Chad Ochocino, the former NFL wide receiver. Their relationship was put on display while she was cast on Basketball Wives and she was very open about their relationship and the problems they had even the melt down after he allegedly head butted her. That matrimony unfortunately did not last long and ultimately ended in a shocking arrest for assault and divorce.

Then in 2013 Lozada and Crawford were engaged and ended a little less than 4 years later. Fortunately enough the pair have both gone their separate ways with Crawford having his second child with girlfriend Gabby back in September 2018.

Lozada decided to turn over a new leaf and try something new by leaving the sports players alone and giving rapper French Montana some play. Well that fling did not last long either, as they split some time last year. Maybe Evelyn Lozada should just pitch for a new show…maybe “Loving Lozada; Looking for Love”?


Source: http://thejasminebrand.com